Corrugated Sheet

Mild Steel Angle Post Security Corrugated Sheet Fence as Per KOC Specification

Corrugated Sheet: Galvanized as per JISG3302, SGCH, zinc coating 275 gms/m2, size 900 mm wide x 2400 mm height.

Angle Post: M/s angle 75x75x6 mm welded to base plate 100 x 10 mm.

Angle Post: M/s angle 75x75x6 mm with inside support 75x75x6 mm.

Corner Post: made from m/s angle 75x75x6 mm with side support m/s angle 75x75x6 mm welded to base plate 100×10 mm complete with hook bolts for barbed wire.

Bracing Post: M/s angle 75x75x6 mm, 4.00 mtrs in length with 5 holes,

Hook Bolts for Corrugated Sheets: Galvanized

Bolts & Nuts: 10 mm x 25 mm

Barbed Wire: Heavily Galvanized barbed wire, IOWA patterns, 2 ply, 4 points, standard wire 2.50 mm dia with minimum 245 gms/m2 zinc coating, barbing wire 2.00 mm with zinc coating of 200 gms/m2, complying to ASTM A121 86. Spacing of barbs 101 mm supplied in 200 mtrs reels.