Oil Sector

Security Fencing As Per KOC Specification for the Oil Sector

Fabric: Woven from 4.00 mm OD heavy galvanized wire Conforming to ASTM A-392 Class-2 with minimum zinc coating weight of 610 gms/m2, height of 2.40 mtrs, mesh size of 50×50 mm both ends are barbed selvaged and twisted, Rolls are supplied in 15 mtrs of length.

Line Post: 60.3 mm OD Galvanized post as per ASTM Sch 40 with special reference to weight of 5.4 kg/m, 3.20 mtrs in length, to be placed at the distance of 3.00 mtrs C.O.C The line post is welded to M/s Base Plate 250.x250x6 mm with double ext arm.

Corner Post: 73.3 mm OD galvanized post as per ASTM A53 Sch40, 3.20 mtrs in length and supplied with the following items. The post is welded to M/s. Base Plate 250x250x6 mm.

  • 1.No.  Brace Rail Pipe 42.2 mm as per ASTM Sch40 6.00 mtrs long.
  • 2.Nos Tension Bars 25x5x2400 mm.
  • 2.Nos Truss Rod assemble 10 mm x 3300 mm.
  • 2.Nos Single Rail Ends 42.2 mm.
  • 2.Nos Double Rail Ends 42.2 mm.
  • 10.Nos Tension Bands 73.0 mm.
  • 6.Nos Brace Bands 73.0 mm.
  • 2.Nos Brace Bands 60.3 mm
  • 1.No.  Double Ext Arm 73 mm.
  • 22.Nos Bolts & Nuts. (Placing of the Corner/Straining Posts is at 90 mtrs)

Bracing Post: 60.3 mm OD galvanized post as per ASTM A53 Sch 40, 3.20 mtrs, supplied with two brace rail pipe and two single Rail Ends and double extension arms, the brace post is welded to M/s. base plate 250x250x6 mm.

Top Rail: 42.2 mm as per ASTM A53 Sch 40, supplied in 6 mtrs length. The top rail is connected with sleeves & every 5th sleeve has a galvanized spring.

Bottom Rail: 42.2 mm as per ASTM A53 Sch 40, supplied in 6 mtrs length, to be cut field size, and a pair of connectors are supplied as per the size of the post.

Barbed Wire: Heavily Galvanized barbed wire, IOWA patterns, 2 ply, 4 points, standard wire 2.50 mm dia with minimum 245 gms/m2 zinc coating, barbing wire 2.00 mm with zinc coating of 200 gms/m2, complying to ASTM A121 86. Spacing of barbs 101mm supplied in 200 mtrs reels.

Concertina Barbed Wire: Fabricated from heavily galvanized wire conforming to BS 443.

  • Stand Wire: 00 mm high tensile 1235 n/mm2 zinc coating 275 gms/mm2.
  • Barbing Wire: 2.00 mm dia low carbon mild steel 350 n/mm zinc coating 275 g/mm2.
  • Coil Dia: 1.00 mtrs with 69 turns per coil +/- 1 turns approx. length 10 mtrs distance between 2 spirals is 295 mm.